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Trying to Conceive

Took a test just because

I stopped bleeding from my loss on the 5th... Tested postive on the 6th. Faint Positive on the 15th....

TTC Adventure


{lntro} March 23,2017 CD. 2 With King 2 months Hello my name is Nayomi 36. I am separated and...

Am I Pregnant

Evap or Positive?

Hi guys! Totally new to this whole thing but need some opinions. Was feeling a bit off the other da...

Am I Pregnant

Feel pregnant but possibly just crazy :(

Iv never posted on anything before but I feel really lost at this point. My last actual period was 1...

Am I Pregnant

Pain while dtd and cervix is higher than usual

Hey guys. Sorry if this is to much information but I really need some answers. So lately my husband...

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How Long Does it Take Most Couples to Get Pregnant?

The simple answer: not long at all. It only takes a fraction of a second for a sperm to attach itself to an egg and begin the process of conception. But that’s not what people mean when they wonder how long it takes to get pregnant.
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Getting Pregnant after Birth Control

There are many types of hormonal birth control options. Birth control pills are a very popular form of birth control because they are affordable, convenient and effective. Depo-Provera is another type of hormonal birth control. It is given by injection every three months and one injection prevents you from getting pregnant for up to 13 weeks.
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What to Expect When You're Trying to Conceive after Bariatric Surgery

By Alicia Purdy

Any kind of surgical procedure has the potential to put tremendous stress on the body and can lead to major post-surgical physical changes, some expected and some that are surprising. If you've recently had bariatric surgery, you already know that life is very different than it was before your surgery. You eat differently. You dress differently. You behave differently. Not sponsored content
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How to Understand Your Body's Natural Fertility Signs

By Alicia Purdey

Your body is an amazing machine. It knows how to operate on its own and take care of itself, heal itself and more. If you're hoping to conceive, your body can tell you if you're ready. True, there is a learning curve, but if you are willing to get to know your body better, and faithfully track your progress and changes, it is possible to find success. Not sponsored content
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The Best Apps for Trying to Conceive

“There’s an app for that,” has become a common phrase in today’s device-driven culture. It seems there’s an app for everything nowadays. Concerning something as imitate as conception, it seems hard to believe “there’s an app for that”; but there is. And a line to choose from. Not sponsored content
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Double Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Researchers at the University of North Carolina have studied one method for trying to conceive that may actually double a woman's chance of getting pregnant. The method is not a new idea, but one that has not been adequately studied.
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Baby-Making Over the Holidays

It's no secret that the holidays, while a beautiful time of year, can also be highly stressful. The same can be said for couples trying to make a baby. Preparation and planning for each can be a blessing, but can also be overwhelming.
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Trying to Conceive the Relaxed Way: Stress-Free Ways to Get Pregnant

Calendars, temperatures, ovulation tests… trying to conceive can be overwhelming. But, it doesn't always have to be. Getting pregnant comes more easily to some women than others. Fertility issues are emotionally draining; nothing is more stressful than wanting to conceive but not being able to.
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10 Natural Fertility Boosters

If you have been trying to conceive for a while, you may be looking for some natural things you can do to give your fertility a boost. If you have been trying for longer than a year, you will want to consult your doctor for help. However, if it’s been less than a year, some natural remedies may be just what you need to help you get pregnant.

The Shettles Method for Choosing a Baby's Gender

When Dr. Landrum Shettles and David Rorvik co-wrote the book How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby, it became a top-seller. The idea behind the Shettles method, developed in the 1960s, remains a popular conversation topic today among those who are trying to influence the gender of their baby. Dr.
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