Deciding to Have a Baby

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Trying to Conceive

What is going on?!! Help please.

I am supposed to O this week, and 2 days ago after BD'ing I was wiping and had pink tinged CM. ( I...

Trying to Conceive

Back at it again.

Hi ladies! I don't know if anyone remembers me but I figured I'd jump in anyway. I was always fairl...

Trying to Conceive

I think I'm finally gonna O

After several days of feeling so defeated and at wits end of not seeing any sign of O and my fibromy...

Trying to Conceive Your First Child

Seeking advice to help a grieving mom

Hi everyone. I'm not sure if this is the right avenue but I've heard great things about this support...

Trying to Conceive

Feeling pretty terrible.

I am nauseous, have hot flashes, headache, crampy, lower back pain, and I am so exhausted even after...

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The Real Costs of Having a Baby

Whether you’re just thinking about having a baby or if you already have a baby on the way, it’s never too early to start making a “baby budget.” It’s not cheap to have a baby these days – and there are more expenses than you might realize – but if you plan ahead, you can make smart budget choices for your baby and your family. » Read more