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Am I Pregnant

Pink test - need eyes

I see something IRL but I'm not sure if its just where the line *would* be. Can't get a great pic wi...

Trying to Conceive

This is gonna be a rough go

TTC is going to be rough this time around if this is how it's gonna go. Because of the changes in h...

Trying to Conceive

Late O & charting

Ff was very confused this cycle. This was my 4th pp cycle & they were all different lengths (40, 32...

Trying to Conceive

Positive opk 7dpo?

Hello everyone! I used to post on JM years ago with my first 2 children and now I'm back ttc #3! On...

Am I Pregnant

*help* need advice!

Hi, I have a 19 month old daughter and think I am pregnant again. I haven't been on any birth contr...

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Charting Basics: The Rule of Thumb

Occasionally you will have a temperature that is really high. » Read more

Charting Basics: Peak Day

Your peak day, as the name suggests, is the day that your fertility peaks and the best time to get pregnant. » Read more

Charting Basics: Drawing Your Coverline

Drawing a coverline on your bbt chart is not required but it will help you to see if you have a biphasic chart (two phases). Most people use the Fertility Awareness method because it is the easiest way to draw a coverline. » Read more