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Trying to Conceive

11 Days Late - Called Doctor - Lower Back/Ovary Ache

I am sure you are all tired of reading my posts but I keep hoping someone will see it and will have...

Trying to Conceive

What do you think? (Test pic)

I can see something, I think, in person. FXed and :dust:I see something. Probably line eye I guess :...

Am I Pregnant

How many dpo were you when you got your bfp?

I am on cd 26 out of 28/30 cycle! And, I have gotten weird faint lines, turned negative...and now dy...

Trying to Conceive after Loss

Losing hope!!!! :(

I have been trying on and off since my last loss and still no success. I am on cd 26 and Af is suppo...

Trying to Conceive

I'm really regretting...

Not tracking this cycle better. I did really well until about.... last Thursday. But I have been kin...

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Charting Basics: The Rule of Thumb

Occasionally you will have a temperature that is really high. » Read more

Charting Basics: Peak Day

Your peak day, as the name suggests, is the day that your fertility peaks and the best time to get pregnant. » Read more

Charting Basics: Drawing Your Coverline

Drawing a coverline on your bbt chart is not required but it will help you to see if you have a biphasic chart (two phases). Most people use the Fertility Awareness method because it is the easiest way to draw a coverline. » Read more