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Birth Control

need advice!

I took the depo jab in October 2013 I came off it after a month because it was messing my body aroun...

Trying to Conceive

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter Ladies!!...

Trying to Conceive a Specific Gender

mild pink sway...

so far I have had 2 miscarriages, from pregnancies not due in september. all of my september babies...

Trying to Conceive

Heavenly Jewel

I know it's Easter and you are probably busy, but we are dying here! It's the 20th! Have you tested...

Trying to Conceive

Major temp drop, - OPKs

First off, Happy Easter ladies! So I took my temp this morning at 5:30, like I've been doing and i...

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Charting Basics: Peak Day

Your peak day, as the name suggests, is the day that your fertility peaks and the best time to get pregnant. » Read more

Charting Basics: Drawing Your Coverline

Drawing a coverline on your bbt chart is not required but it will help you to see if you have a biphasic chart (two phases). Most people use the Fertility Awareness method because it is the easiest way to draw a coverline. » Read more