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Am I Pregnant


So I got my period on 25th of August about a week later I went to the Bathroom and saw blood, this...

Am I Pregnant

BFN at 5 days late, now 7

About midway through my cycle I bled for 2 days, extremely light. Bright pink and not even enough to...

Am I Pregnant

Could I be pregnant

I'm 5 days late on my period and I have been cramping for like 2 minutes then stop every day for p...

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Using an Ovulation Prediction Kit

Ovulation prediction kits are a very popular method of detecting ovulation. One of the benefits of using an OPK (ovulation prediction kit) is that you can predict ovulation before it occurs.
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Charting Basics: Waking Basal Body Temperatures

If you are just getting started with bbt charting or if you would like to start charting, the first thing you will need is a basal body thermometer. There are several on the market. If you can’t find one at your pharmacy, you can purchase a basal body thermometer online.
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Charting Basics: The Rule of Thumb

Occasionally you will have a temperature that is really high.
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Charting Basics: Peak Day

Your peak day, as the name suggests, is the day that your fertility peaks and the best time to get pregnant.
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Charting Basics: Drawing Your Coverline

Drawing a coverline on your bbt chart is not required but it will help you to see if you have a biphasic chart (two phases). Most people use the Fertility Awareness method because it is the easiest way to draw a coverline.
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