IVF Guide - Everything You Want to Know About IVF - Page 2

  • 37% for women under age 35
  • 30% for women age 35-37
  • 20% for women age 38-40
  • 11% for women age 41-42

Chances of having twins with IVF

If you have IVF, you will have a higher chance of having twins or multiples. Having twins or multiples puts you at a higher risk for having a miscarriage or other pregnancy complications. During each IVF cycle you can transfer up to four embryos. Transferring four embryos will improve your chances of getting pregnant, but it will also increase your chances of having a multiple pregnancy. According to the CDC, the percentage of IVF pregnancies with twins is approximately:

  • 33% for women under age 35
  • 27% for women age 35-37
  • 22% for women age 38-40
  • 13% for women age 41-42

How much does IVF cost?

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the average cost of one IVF cycle is about $12,400. The price for IVF, however, will vary depending on where you live and the amount of cycles you have done.

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