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Trying to Conceive with Medical Assistance


Hi Ladies, Im trying to conceive for a friend of mine and my Husband. I just got my results for my I...

Trying to Conceive

Sigh...I'm back. Progesterone question??

Hi ladies. I was in here a few months back, got pregnant and was due March 3. Miscarried in July,...

Trying to Conceive

Temping question

Ok so I decided to start trying to temp again, I temped at 97.2 this morning, I did it by mouth and...

Trying to Conceive

Thoughts appreciated

Any input or thoughts appreciated. I am relatively new to this and am feeling a bit confused. Gues...

Trying to Conceive

Joining earlier than planned

Hi! We are officially starting to try to conceive our second. We had a very long and difficult time...

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Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation (also sometimes referred to as “dry orgasm”) occurs when a man climaxes but the semen travels backwards into the bladder instead of being ejaculated out of his body through the urethra, the tube the runs through the penis and carries both semen and urine. » Read more

Daily Sex Improves Sperm Quality

There has been some debate over how frequently a couple should have sex when trying to conceive.  It was once thought that abstaining from sex for a few days before ovulation helped build up a man’s sperm count, » Read more

Sperm Quality Helped By Antioxidants

The quality of sperm can be improved if a man’s diet consists of antioxidants like blueberries, broccoli and other fruits and vegetables. » Read more

Becoming A Dad: What You Need To Know

By Nancy Da Silva

In all the excitement of announcing a pregnancy, the dad sometimes gets pushed aside. It’s as if the mother created the baby inside of her all by her lonesome. Science is advanced, no debate there. But it’s not that advanced just yet. » Read more

Preconception Checklist for Men

Most pre-pregnancy advice you will read is directed toward women; however, men have an important role in preparation too. Before you and your partner start trying to conceive, there are several important steps that the male partner should take to improve his fertility and increase his chances of fathering a healthy baby. » Read more

Male Fertility: What He Needs To Know

By Nancy Da Silva

Historically the shame of being unable to have children was solely placed on the woman's shoulders. People, doctors included, couldn't possibly fathom that the fault for not being able to pro-create could belong to the male. Men were, by their very conquering nature, supposedly fertile creatures. » Read more