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Infertility Etiquette: What to Say and What Not to Say

Infertility is an often sensitive and difficult subject for women to discuss. In our society, young girls are frequently brought up with the belief that they are made to bear children, so finding out as a woman that they are unable to conceive naturally can be heartbreaking, especially when they are
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Are Super Fertile Women Prone to Miscarriage?

By JustMommies staff

Could being super fertile be a factor in repeat pregnancy loss? Possible answers to multiple miscarriages for some women may have recently dawned, with a study suggesting that "super-fertility" may play a role in recurrent pregnancy loss. According to a small study published in the journal of PLOS One
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Signs of Low Progesterone

By Rebecca Pillar

The body is an amazing miracle in action. Every second, millions of reactions are taking place to maintain a perfect balance. People spend years of their lives studying how the body functions and they still don’t know everything there is to know about human life. One aspect of humanity is reproduction.
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New Study: Ibuprofen Doubles Risk of Miscarriage

By JustMommies staff

According to new research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, women should be cautioned against taking any amount of ibuprofen during early pregnancy. Researchers in Canada studied the effects of a number of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) on pregnancy including ibuprofen,
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Conceiving a Rainbow Baby: 10 Tips to Help You Get Pregnant After a Miscarriage

A rainbow, the beauty that comes after a storm and a symbol of hope, is a description women lovingly
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Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

By JustMommies staff

Ectopic pregnancy, also referred to as a tubal pregnancy, occurs when a fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the endometrial lining of the uterus. It is believed that the egg, once fertilized, is slowed or passage to the uterus blocked. Therefore, the fertilized ovum implants prior to reaching
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What Is A Chemical Pregnancy?

By Nancy Da Silva

You’ve just had a miscarriage. To make things even more tragic you may not have even been aware you were pregnant in the first place. Your doctor will explain your miscarriage as a ‘chemical pregnancy’. But what does that even mean? It sounds like something out of sci-fi television. A chemical
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Caffeine and Miscarriage

By JustMommies staff

For years, obstetricians have been advising pregnant women to limit their caffeine intake, due to concern that caffeine consumption could possibly be linked to miscarriage. Now even more attention is being paid to this issue, since two research studies released in 2008 have linked caffeine consumption
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Helping a Friend Through a Miscarriage

By JustMommies staff

When you have a friend that has had a miscarriage there is a lot you can do to help her. Many times we are afraid to say anything because we don’t want to say the wrong thing but not saying anything at all can be just as bad. So what should you say and what shouldn’t you say. I have had three miscarriages
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Frequently Asked Questions About Miscarriage

By JustMommies staff

What is a miscarriage and how will I know if I have had one? A miscarriage is a pregnancy loss before 20 weeks of pregnancy. After 20 weeks it is considered a stillbirth. Signs and symptoms of miscarriage include heavy bleeding, cramping, and loss of pregnancy symptoms. Only your doctor can confirm whether
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