Fun & Engaging All-Inclusive Craft Kits for Kids!

By Inhabitots

The lazy days of summer are upon us! Why not use the sacred downtime  to help your kids hone their creativity and learn to express themselves via an engaging craft project? Gone are the days of trying to figure out what to make and then going on a hunt for all of the supplies at your local craft store. Now, there are countless all-inclusive craft kits that make it super simple to just focus on the fun part -- bringing a new creation to fruition. If your recycling bin runneth over, grab a copy of a Groovy Green Crafts book, which offers new and innovative recycled project ideas for kids. The Magic Craft Box delivers nature inspired crafts (that are packaged by fairies!) straight to your doorstep. You can create your own finger puppets, which are handy travel companions for entertainment on-the-go, by scooping up a sewing kit from Cupcakes for Clara. Introduce kids to the art of needle felting with these beautiful, affordable kits that produce lovely decor items for your home. The adorable hedgehogs featured above are from a Waldorf inspired make your own felted wool hedgehog kit. Artterro offers an extensive variety of sustainably made arts and crafts kits for creative kids, from collage jewelry to bookmaking. Threadfollower has hand-stitching project kits that get kids back to the basics -- using their own two hands to fashion a cute keepsake while learning a new skill!

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