Inhabitots on JustMommies: Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Crafts & Creations

By Inhabitots

Get your kiddos into the spirit of Valentine's Day by having them put their heart into a crafty creation. Here are 6 eco-friendly Valentine's Day crafts especially for kids, from festive decorations to adorable gift bags.

Deliver a sweet Valentine sentiment via an extra special homemade card that will leave a lasting impression on a love-struck recipient. Check out these 6 clever DIY Valentine's Day cards that kids can make with their own two hands.

The time is nigh to whip up a big batch of Valentine cards your child can distribute to classmates. We show you how to make easy, DIY Valentines with materials you'll find around your house.

Valentine's Day and delectable treats go hand in hand. These miniature organic conversation heart cakes put a sweet, soft spin on the classic candy. Learn how to make your own, here, and you'll really take the cake.

Kids will eagerly anticipate special deliveries even more when love notes are slipped in this adorable love boat Valentine mailbox. We show you how to put hearts afloat and make this boat by using items from your recycling bin!

Try as we may to go the reusable route, plastic bags still wiggle their way in every once and a while. Use the next plastic bag on your radar to make Valentine's Day friendship bracelets -- one-of-a-kind gifts your child can share with treasured friends.

Jewelry is a popular Valentine gift, and kids especially like to receive shiny new gems to wear proudly. Gather round and make unique, recycled, lead-free jewelry of your own with our handy guide which shows you how to turn unsuspecting objects like plastic bottles and snack wrappers into chic fashion statements.

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