Spring Crafts that Inspire a Love of Nature

By Inhabitots

As spring unveils blooming flowers and chirping birds, we've rounded up several spring inspired crafts that will get kids into the cheerful spirit of the season . These 6 art and crafts projects put flower power at center stage and range from cupcake liner flowers to footprint flowers! Continuing the floral theme, little nature lovers will be smitten with these flower garland crowns that they can wear for garden or tea parties and for all around make believe or dress-up play. Learn how to make themhere. If your tot loves to paint with his hands -- (and what tot doesn't?), then try one or all of these 5 fun nature handprint paintings together. Celebrate springtime bunnies and the approaching Easter holiday by crafting these cute toilet paper roll bunnies. Want to welcome more friendly birds to your backyard? Here's how to make a DIY milk carton bird feeder and an easy bird feeder that will treat birds to a delicious springtime snack ! Don't miss our giveaway of $100 worth of eco art supplies and an all-natural Easter egg dye kit from Glob Colors to further enhance your spring crafting endeavors! Enter to win it here.

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