Back to School: Green Gear & Tips to Start the Year Off Right!

By Inhabitots

Most kids started school this week, so we're sharing helpful information to make the transition as smooth as possible . Read our tried and true tips from moms on overcoming common hurdles of back to school blues . When it come to lunchtime, here are 5 great reasons to send a homemade packed lunch to school with your child . Keep your kiddo's lunch fresh and cold for 10 hours by putting it in a PackIt insulated lunch bag. These old-fashioned, personalized lunch boxes include a chalkboard lining for writing a sweet, mid-day note to your little student. When you buy Keep Leaf litterless lunch gear, you help build a school in India . Walking to school is extremely beneficial for kids. Check out these 5 excellent reasons you should encourage your kids to make the trek to school on foot . Help kids get into the groove of homework with this sleek, vintage-inspired schoolhouse desk . These 6 eco-friendly games and tools will help make learning math fun .