Ferdinand Magellan Unit Study - Page 3

4. After Magellan's death a new commander took charge. Can you remember his name?

5. Carvalho was jealous of Magellan and it is believed that he destroyed Magellan's log book. Pretend you are a friend of Magellan and a crew mate of his journey around the world. Write a letter to King Charles of Spain telling of all of Magellan's discoveries.

Day 8

1. Read pages 20-21 in Magellan.

2. Carvalho and his crew decided to leave the Philippines and head for the Spice Islands. The crew wanted to load their ships with spices, silks, pearls, perfumes, and medicines.

3. Let's make our own silks and pearls to load on the Vittoria.

Fine silks

Supplies you will need: solid color piece(s) of fabric and markers

Take a solid piece of fabric and use your markers to decorate flowers or other designs on to your silk.


Supplies you will need: white beads and string

Take your white beads and string them to make pearl necklaces.

4. Magellan and his crew took a long and exciting journey around the world. Have you and your family been on any exciting trips? Perhaps you went somewhere new on a vacation. Write a story about your most exciting family vacation. Tell where you went, how long it took to get there, what you packed for your trip, the exciting things you saw on your trip, and what you brought back from your vacation. Make sure to include a title and a cover page with drawings from your story.

Day 9

1. Read pages 22-25 in Magellan.

2. Discuss the following. Was Del Cano as good a navigator as Magellan? How many people returned to Spain on the Vittoria? What happened to the sailors that were captured in the Spice Islands?

3. It must have been an amazing site for the people of Spain to see the Vittoria pulling into port. Pretend you are a reporter present at the arrival of the Vittoria and write a newspaper article of the days event.

4. The sailors on the Vittoria were very thankful to be home and to be alive. Can you think of things that you are thankful for? Make a poster showing all of the things that you are thankful for.

Day 10

1. Read pages 26-29 in Magellan.

2. Del Cano claimed all the credit for the voyage around the world and blamed Magellan for all the mistakes. Magellan was all but forgotten.

3. Make a poster of Magellan's life. Include drawings of people, places, and events in your poster. Add dates, names, and labels where appropriate. Leave space to add a poem about Magellan.

4. Write a poem of Magellan's journey. Glue this to your poster or write it directly on your poster.

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