My Child Hates to Read! Ten Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Books - Page 2

8. Join a Book Club
Join or start up your own book club. When your child has peers who are excited about reading, the chances are greater that they will be, too. Ask around at your local library or start your own and involve your kids in developing a name and designing fliers/invitations for it.

9. Books on Tape
You may think that ideally, your child will love to read books, not listen to them. However, you can plant a comforting love for books and literature by exploring books read on tape. Created in all different media formats, from cds to mp3’s, you can utilize books on tape in the car, at home, or on the go. Listening to books read is calming and it stimulates your child’s imagination and mental imagery in the same areas reading does.

10. Unplug and Read!
The most important component of getting your child to love reading is to carve out the space and time to read. Dial down the distractions. Turn off the cable and internet for a few weeks or more. Read to them and read to yourself. Read outside! Humans are creatures of habit, so make a habit of reading, and reading often, and your child will make it a habit, too.

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