Raising a Reader - Page 2

By Donita K. Paul

Experience teaches. Experience, whether in person or through vicarious reading, teaches. That’s a good thing. It means I don’t have to journey to the center of the earth and get blown out a volcano to learn something about interpersonal relationships.

Strategy: Occasionally change the “What did you do today?” question into “What did the character in your book do today?”

If your child is really into a book or book series, try dressing or eating or living like a character from the book for several hours. Do charades of familiar books. Write a letter to a character and enlist someone to answer (Grandma?) as the character.

I mulled over our question quite a bit. What did I do to get my children to read? The truth is I wasn’t thinking about strategies and incentives. I assumed my kids would like to read, because I love to read.

·         Talking about Lobel’s Frog and Toad as if we might run into them in the backyard,

·         taking a book with me to read in the doctor’s waiting room,

·         making a special trip to the library when notified that my “hold” title had come in,

all these proofs of my love of reading came naturally. Trying to create a healthy attitude toward reading is like any other influence we try to exert over our children. They are more likely to take walks if we take walks. They are more likely to eat vegetables if we eat vegetables. They are more likely to speak respectfully if we speak respectfully.

My best advice for creating avid readers is to be an avid reader.

About the Author:

Donita K. Paul is the author of the best-selling DragonKeeper Chronicles series. Her newest book, The Vanishing Sculptor, is available June 2 from WaterBrook Press. She lives in Colorado Springs, CO, where she spends her time mentoring and encouraging young writers.

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By Jodi Dawn on 06/18/11 at 10:01 pm

idk I was wondering the same thing. Its been happening for awhile

By Justanic on 06/18/11 at 9:21 pm

Why do we keep getting this stuff over here? lol

By Christina33 on 09/28/10 at 1:18 pm

As a Mom who is watching her children become interested in reading, I can say This is a great article! All of the real-life examples she gave are true i  ...

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