Vikings Unit Study - Page 2

3. Find America on a map. Is it north or south of Greenland? What is the climate there? Compare and contrast the climate in America to the the climate in Greenland.

4. It must have been exciting for Leif to find this new land. Write a story about finding a new land. Make sure to describe your journey and use good descriptions to show what you find in your new land.

5. Include a title and cover page for your story. Draw pictures of your new land on your cover page.

Lesson 5

1. Read pages 36-48 in Leif the Lucky.

2. Leif describes the people in Vinland as dark skinned people with black and unkempt hair. What does he call these people? Who do you think these people really were?

3. If Leif were to discover your family, how would he describe your family? How strange would you look to him?

4. Write a short story about Leif the Lucky discovering your family. Make sure to include a title and cover page. Add drawings from your story to your cover page.

Lesson 6

1. Read pages 46-end of Leif the Lucky.

2. Leif and his family became scared of the people of Vinland. They realized their home was in Greenland. Can you remember a time when you were homesick?

3. Pretend you are Leif and are far from home. Write a letter home to your family telling what you have seen and what you miss from home. Remember to use a heading, salutation, complimentary close, and signature.

4. Review your map. Find Iceland, Norway, Greenland, and America.

5. Review longitude, latitude, equator, prime meridian, climate, and directional terms. You will need to remember these tomorrow for your Viking Bingo game!

Lesson 7

1. Today is a fun day. Play Viking Bingo. Directions below. Today would also make an excellent day for a field trip.

2. Viking Bingo directions

Print out the Viking Bingo game cards here. There are 4 Bingo sheets to choose from. Give a different Bingo sheet to each child playing. (Note: If you have more than 3 players you can use a blank sheet and rearrange the order of answers.) You can print out the Viking Bingo sheets here - Viking Bingo player 1, Viking Bingo player 2, Viking Bingo Player 3, Viking Bingo blank sheet.

Rules to the game. This is played like regular bingo with a catch. There is a list of 24 questions. The answers to the questions are squares on the Bingo sheet. As they find an answer they place a bingo chip or use a highlighter to mark off the square. When they get 5 they have a Bingo. You can print the questions for Viking Bingo here - Viking Bingo Questions.

Lesson 8

1. Read pages 2-3 in Who Were the Vikings.

2. The Vikings lived in Scandinavia. Discuss which countries are part of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)

3. Discuss all the places Vikings went. Use your map and find them on the map.

4. Draw another map (or add to your existing map) showing all the places Vikings traveled. Add symbols to mark Dublin, Normandy, and Constantinople. Label all countries, oceans, seas, and rivers.

5. Discuss seas, rivers, lakes, and oceans. What are the differences between them? What similarities do they have?

6. Define seas, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

River - a large natural stream of water (larger than a creek) that flows to a lake or ocean.

Lake - a large body of water, usually fresh water, surrounded by land.

Sea - a sea is a smaller body of salt water, smaller than an ocean and usually connected to an ocean. Seas can be completely surrounded by land, like the Dead Sea or the Caspian Sea.

Ocean - very large body of salt water that covers most of the earth's surface. They are divided by the land masses of the earth into distinct oceans.

7. Can you find all the world's oceans on a map? What are they? (Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Southern)

8. The Vikings traveled to many countries and several continents. What is the difference between a country and a continent? Can you find all the continents of the world? What are they? (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia)

9. Define continent. Define country.

Continent - large, continuous land areas into which the Earth is divided

Country - a nation or state that is politically independent with it's own government, taxes, laws, and people.

Lesson 9

1. Read pages 4-5 in Who Were the Vikings.

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