Vikings Unit Study - Page 4

5. Invent your own Viking game. Use a chess board or checker board or draw your own game board. Make up your own rules for hnefatl. You can use the game pieces provided or make your own.

Lesson 15

1. Read pages 18-19 in Who Were the Vikings.

2. Vikings did not have books, but they did have picture stones. They would use an iron chisel or mallet and cut letters into stone or wood. The Viking writing was made up of 16 letters called runes.

3. Write your name in ruins. Use modeling clay and a wooden toothpick to carve your name in runes.

4. Remember back to your story Leif the Lucky. Draw a short comic strip depicting Leif's adventures.

Lesson 16

1. Read pages 20-21 in Who Were the Vikings.

2. Discuss the following. How did the Vikings get around? What were the different types of boats? Can you name some of the parts of a longship? Why did Vikings carve dragon's heads on their ships:

3. Draw a picture of a Viking longship. Make sure to include a dragon head.

4. Archaeologists have helped us learn about the Vikings. What is an archaeologist? An archaeologist is someone who studies the life and customs of the past. Usually through digging up artifacts and remains. What are some things archaeologists have found from the Vikings?

5. Can you imagine finding a Viking ship buried in your backyard. Write a short story about finding a Viking ship in your backyard. Make sure to include a title and cover page with drawings from your story.

Lesson 17

1. Read pages 22-23 in Who Were the Vikings.

2. Discuss the following. What was it like in a Viking town? What could you buy in a Viking town? Compare this to your local grocery store.

3. Did Vikings use money? Can you make your own Viking money?

4. Take cardboard and cut out circles to make your own Viking money. Decorate the circles to your liking.

5. Have a Viking shopping trip. Viking made money by selling crafts or services. Use some of the projects you have made thus far (Viking shoes, Viking, brooch and beads, Viking tunic, etc) to set up a pretend Viking store. Use your Viking money to buy and sell your crafts.

Lesson 18

1. Read pages 24-27 in Who Were the Vikings.

2. Discuss the following. Did Vikings have kings? Discuss jarls, karls, and thralls. What's a thing?

4. Did Vikings have an army? What weapons did they use?

5. Make your own Viking sword. Use a long piece of cardboard to make your sword. Cut it out in the shape of a sword. Wrap tinfoil around the sword part and decorate the handle with crayons.

6. How did the Vikings protect themselves?

7. Make your own Viking shield. Use cardboard and cut out a large circle for your shield. Cut two small holes and thread rope or a piece of fabric to make a handle for your sword. Wrap in tinfoil to give a metallic look.

Lesson 19

1. Read pages 28-31 in Who Were the Vikings.

2. Get out your map of where the Vikings went. Point out all the places Vikings went. Review the 5 oceans and 7 continents.

3. How did Vikings find their way? Was Greenland green? What was the climate in Greenland. Review the meaning of climate.

4. Finish your Viking costume. Make a Viking helmet.

Instructions for making a Viking helmet

  • Measure around your child's head. Cut out a strip of poster board the length of your child's head plus an additional inch. (You will need a little extra room once you wrap this in tinfoil.) Tape the ends together to make the base of your helmet.
  • Cut two more strips of poster board about an 1 1/2 inches wide. Tape these two strips to your crown in a cross pattern making the top of your helmet.
  • Take two styrofoam cones to make your horns. (These can be found in the imitation floral section of your local craft store.) You will need 2-3 golf tees for each horn to put these in place. Line up the "horns" on the poster board on the section running left to right across the top. Push the golf tees through the poster board and into the styrofoam to hold the horns in place.
  • Wrap your helmet in tinfoil.

Lesson 20

It's party time!

Get out your Vikings costumes and decorations. Use your recipe for making Viking wild berry juice and make up a batch of your own. Make sure to bring your invitations to your party.

Get dressed up in your full costume and read your Viking poems and play hnefatfl!

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