Current News on Autism: Developments, Research & Studies

By Inhabitots

The latest statistic on autism in America is staggering to say the least. Currently, 1 in 68 US children has autism spectrum disorder. These numbers are growing rapidly, as just a short time ago1 in 88 children had autism. New research shows that autism may begin in the womb. There is also a urine test that shows promise for early autism diagnosis and prevention , and an ultrasound test performed at birth that may determine a child's risk for developing autism . A recent study suggests that the autism link to the prenatal environment is more important than genetics and other research shows that closely spaced pregnancies may triple autism risk. If your child has autism, he/she may benefit greatly from animal therapy, which has been deemed an effective treatment for kids with ASD . It is also wise to do your best to avoid these 10 chemicals that are most likely to cause autism and other learning disorders . Further, this informative book, The Autism Puzzle examines the role that environmental toxins play in the steadily rising autism rates .

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