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How to Unspoil Your Child

Admitting your child is spoiled isn't easy. But if you have come to the point where you realize your child has become spoiled, you're halfway to recovery already. Many parents aren't willing to admit they have a spoiled child, because it reflects poorly on them as parents. However, it's best to deal
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5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids

Remember the old adage, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?" What about this one? "I'm rubber, you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you." Kids think of all kinds of ways to deflect painful name calling and hurtful bullying. It's a defense mechanism
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Time-Out Tactics and Alternatives: When Your Child Refuses to go in Time-Out

Every parent likes to secretly think that their sweetheart is just a wee bit smarter, cuter and better behaved than the neighbor's kid, but then reality hits. The day your little darling kicks, bites, yells, throws things (maybe even at you!), and gets into general mischief, you realize that you'll need
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Relaxation and Meditation Techniques for Kids

By JustMommies staff

Your child may not talk to you about stress. That's because children usually don't know what stress is or how to verbalize when they are experiencing it. You may not be aware of the stress your child is feeling, but your child may manifest it in ways that you can see. You may notice behavior problems,
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6 Things to Do with Your Kids on a Snowy Day

Picture this scenario: it's snowing outside and your kids can't think of what to do. As a parent, you probably remember what it was like to be a child who did not live in a technologically-driven age--the outdoors were your escape and helped fuel your imagination. And if you were lucky enough to live
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8 Reasons Parents Should Put Down the Cell Phone

By JustMommies staff

According to parenting coach Toni Schutta, parents spend an average of 11 hours a day using electronic devices. All of these hours add up to time that is taken away from children. Although the parents may physically be with their children, they are not engaging and interacting with their kids. This cell
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6 Tools to Help You Stop Yelling at Your Kids

By Audrey Morris

As a parent, are you a yeller? Most parents understand that yelling at their kids does not really accomplish anything. We know that there are probably some better forms of communication and more effective ways to accomplish our goals. But, did you know that yelling is also bad for our kids? A 2013 University
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Childhood Abduction: Get the Facts

Once you become a parent, a whole new host of fears seem to crop up related to your kids. One of the primary fears that every parent contends with is the nightmare of child abduction. Thousands of kids are kidnapped every year. While 99.8 percent of missing kids are eventually found, some are never found,
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Childhood Grief: Help Your Kids Deal with Death

You can't shield your kids from the tragedies that life may bring them, even though you want to. Unfortunately, some kids experience death in their lives well before they should. Walking through a death experience matures kids faster than they deserve. As a parent, you may want to shelter your child
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Bully-Proof Your Child

Bullying is one of those inevitable facts of life. As much as parents try to eliminate it, schools try to govern it, and politicians try to legislate it, bullying will not ever go away. Why? Because there will always be people in the world who will use cruelty to dominate others. Kids aren't the only
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