Gorgeous Green Bunk Beds that are Big on Style and Saving Space

By Inhabitots

When you're short on space, nothing stacks up to room efficiency like bunk beds. The brilliant design team behind Casa Kids offers options aplenty when it comes to clever sleeping arrangements. Their Dumbo Double Tuck bed packs two folding beds into one, and as its name suggests, the beds may be tucked away to allow for a daytime play area. If your kiddo likes hosting sleepovers, or you need a great set-up for siblings, look no further than Casa Kids' Marino Bunk over daybed . The latest offering from Casa Kids is their LoLo Bunk Bed, which is a compact, economical and stylish option for fans of modern furniture. If you're looking for a pop of color for your child's bedroom, these sustainably crafted Maine bunk beds come in many configurations and a rainbow of hues. Oeuf's Perch bunk bed is super sleek and stylish and may be adjusted into several variations, including one which accommodates young children by being situated close to the ground. The aesthetic appeal and wow-factor of Pluunk's mid-century modern bunk beds simply can't be beat. Perludi's AMBERintheSKY birch loft bed is foldable to conserve space outside of snooze sessions.

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