What Children Fear Most These Days

In a media-saturated world, children nowadays worry about things that we didn’t have to – like the state of our precious planet and pollution.

LiveScience reported on several studies done recently, which reveal that children are definitely not worry-free and deal with many more ominous issues.

In a study done by the environmental organization, Opinion Research for Habitat Heroes, 500 children ages 6-11 were polled and revealed that their top concern these days is whether or not our planet will be a good place to be in the years to come.  Of the kids, one in three worried that Earth would not exist when they grew up. An overwhelming 56% did not feel Earth will be a good place to live when they grow up.

Interestingly, minority children worried even more about large scale issues -- with 34% of black children being concerned about air and water pollution, versus 27% of white children.  Of Hispanic children, 30% also feared these environmental issues.

LiveScience included several other recent studies done on children’s concerns – and the overall consensus seems to be that children currently worry about much larger-scale issues – from their parents’ marriages to global warming.  In contrast, they reported on a study done in 1999 by Ohio State University– where boys’ biggest concerns were snakes and theme park rides and girls feared thunderstorms.

Learn more here: http://www.livescience.com/culture/090422-ruining-childhood.html


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