Brushing Teeth Boosts Sperm Count?

Who knew that teeth brushing could boost sperm count?  According to a report found on, a British dentistry website, men who brush their teeth twice a day may see a boost in their sperm count.

The British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) found that infertile men are much more likely to suffer from gum disease, a problem you might not think of as being related to fertility.  A small study conducted the Bikur Holim Hospital, Jerusalem, and the Hebrew University Hadassah School of Dental Medicine found that more than half the men with low sperm count had gum disease, or gingivitis. 

However the study was not a large scale study and only looked at 56 men who were aged 23-52.  Still, teeth brushing has other health benefits.  Poor dental health has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and strokes.  If there is an added benefit besides better looking teeth, why not try teeth brushing to boost sperm count?

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