Enter JM's July Community Contests: Patriotic Pics & Crunchiest Mom

By JustMommies staff

If you are a JustMommies member, check out our contests for July! If you haven’t joined our Community yet it’s very easy to join. Here’s how.

You must be a member to participate but joining the Community is easy! Register here for free and join our friendly Community. Read more about our July Contests below:

JM’s July Photo Contest: Patriotic Pics

If you are proud of your country, we want to see your most patriotic pictures. Send in your pictures of anyone or anything patriotic - pets, babies, kids, grandparents, you name it. If it's patriotic we want to see it.

Here’s your chance to show off your photography to the JustMommies Community. We will be selecting ten finalists for a Community wide poll.

To enter please send your photos to Contests@justmommies.com along with your user name at JustMommies. Please put Patriotic Pics in the title of your email. Entries must be sent in by no later than 1 pm PST/4 pm EST on Friday, July 22nd.

JustMommies Superlatives: JM's Crunchiest Mom

JM's July Superlative is "JM's Crunchiest Mom". Do you know a natural mama that deserves the title of JM's Crunchiest Mom? Look around the community and send us your nominations for JM's Crunchiest Mom.

Send your nominations to Contests@justmommies.com with the following information:

Your user name on JM:
The member you are nominating:
Why you think she is JM's Crunchiest Mom:
Please put JM's Crunchiest Mom in the title of your email. Nominations must be sent in by no later than 1 pm PST/4 pm EST on Friday, July 22nd.