Enter JM's May Community Contests!

By JustMommies staff

If you are a JustMommies member, check out our latest contests for May! If you haven’t joined our Community yet it’s very easy to join. Here’s how.

Check out our latest contests, our JustMommies Busiest Mom contest and our Motherhood photo contest! You must be a member to participate but joining the Community is easy! Register here for free and join our friendly Community.

Read more about our May Contests below:

JustMommies Superlatives: Busiest Mom!

JustMommies’ Superlatives contest is open to all of our members. Most of our members know how this works. Each month we will pick a theme or category for the JM Community and our members can nominate their favorite members they want to see in our monthly poll. For example, one month we might have a category called JM’s Chattiest Member, or Most Welcoming Member, etc. Everyone will have a chance to submit their nominations to us and we will pick the 10 best (or most nominated) members for the poll.

This month’s Superlative is JM’s Busiest Mom! Look around the Community and nominate the member that you think is JM’s Busiest Mom. Send your nominations to Contests@justmommies.com with the following information:

Your user name on JM:
The member you are nominating:
Why you think she is JM’s Busiest Mom:
Please put JustMommies Busiest Mom in the title of your email. Nominations must be sent in by no later than 1 pm PST/4 pm EST on Monday, May 23rd.

JM’s May Photo Contest: Motherhood

Check out May’s photo contest! We want to see your submissions for our Motherhood Photo Contest!! Get creative and show us your best pictures of moms being moms. We want to see your most precious or fun mommy moments captured on camera. Please submit just one photo for the contest. In order to participate you must be a JustMommies member.

Here’s your chance to show off your photography to the JustMommies Community. We will be selecting ten finalists for a Community wide poll.

To enter please send your photos to Contests@justmommies.com along with your user name at JustMommies. Please put Motherhood Photo Contest in the title of your email. Entries must be sent in by no later than 1 pm PST/4 pm EST on May 23rd.