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Am I Pregnant

could i be pregnent

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Am I Pregnant

17DPO, no aunt flow... can I be pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant

Is it possible after 8 years?

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Am I Pregnant

Intimate day before period

Hi there! So my boyfriend and I had an intimate day July 12 and we did not use protection. (I have c...

Am I Pregnant


[COLOR=#2A2A2A [FONT=Helvetica I had a miscarriage on June 30th! I had D ...

By JustMommies staff

We wanted to let everyone at JustMommies know about some exciting news for JM.  JustMommies has been part of eHarmony’s network of sites for about three years.  This has been a great partnership for us.  With eHarmony’s help we have been able to develop new features and content.  The Community has grown thanks to all the resources and support we’ve had from eHarmony. 

A few months ago, eHarmony made the decision to refocus their efforts on their dating site.  In order to do that, they decided to look for new owners for and their other sister sites and  While this was sad news for the admin team and me personally, this is really great news for JustMommies.  I have made so many great friends at eHarmony and will miss working with them, but I am very excited about our new owners.

Now to the news you’re probably wondering about.  Who purchased JustMommies and what will this mean for you?  JustMomimes has been acquired by a company called Internet Brands.  Internet Brands owns a number of community-based websites in different verticals.  I think we will fit in very well with their company and think everyone will be happy with the new owners.  I don’t anticipate any big changes.  Internet Brands owns vbulletin, which is the bulletin board system that JustMommies uses, so you don’t need to worry about any format changes or dramatic changes to our Community.  Rachel, Christine, and I aren’t going anywhere.  Everything will pretty much stay the same as it is now. 

I want to address any potential concerns about personal information and the transition to Internet Brands.  JustMommies, like most community sites, collects the following personal identifiable information: your email address, user name, and IP address.  This is the only information we collect.  Your email addresses or other user data will not be sold to any third parties, but this information has been transferred over to Internet Brands as part of the transition process. 

I have started a separate thread here for Lori, our Community Manager at eHarmony, and Emily, our new Community Manager at Internet Brands, to post.  We’d also love to hear your thoughts so feel free to post in this thread as well.

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