Menstrual Related Shopping Sprees

By JustMommies staff

Have you ever blamed anything on your period – like bad moods, headaches, weight gain – now there is one more thing you can blame on your period, shopping sprees!  One study, reported about on BBC News, found a link between menstruation and shopping.

Apparently, women are more likely to impulse shop in the days leading up to their periods.  Shopping seems to be a comfort mechanism for dealing with the hormone related negative emotions that happen just before a woman’s period arrives.  To make herself feel better, she goes shopping.

The study looked at women between the ages of 18 and 50, comparing their shopping habits with that time of the month.  It turns out, that women tend to buy more things impulsively when they are in the luteal phase (or second half) of their menstrual cycles, according to the study.  

When menstrual related shopping occurs, it is not always a good thing because it is brought about by strong emotions.  The women reported feeling less in control, more impulsive, and more likely to overspend during these shopping sprees.

Interestingly, around ovulation women tended to buy things that made them look or feel better, like makeup, jewelry or new shoes. 

Knowing this, may make you think twice about going shopping in the days before Aunt Flo [menstruation] is coming by for a visit.  

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