New Tween Dora Revealed

Dora is growing up!  Last month Nickelodeon and Mattel, the toymaker, announced plans for the new tween Dora who is moving to the city and starting middle school.  When the new plan was revealed last month, the two companies only gave parents a glimpse of what the new Dora would look like— a silhouette – saying they wouldn’t be revealing the new tween Dora’s look until the fall.  However Reuters reports, Nickelodeon and Mattel decided to give the public a sneak peak of the new tweenage Dora on Monday.

After seeing the Dora silhouette, some parents were outraged and started an online petition expressing their concerns that the new Dora was too much like the “Bratz phenomenon” and a poor role model for kids.  The new tween Dora has long hair, long legs, and a trendy new look that worried parents.   The two companies made a joint statement assuring parents that, "The award-winning preschool Dora character that audiences know and love is not changing at all.”

Tween Dora is still going to be the same wholesome and inquisitive Dora she has always been, but instead of exploring the great outdoors, she will be having new adventures with her four new girlfriends at school.  She will still care about wildlife, nature and the environment except she will be leaving her old friends Boots, Swiper, and the Map behind and exploring with friends at school instead.

To get a sneak peak of the new tween dora click here:

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