Obesity and Children: One Simple Solution

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By JustMommies staff

Obesity among children is at epidemic levels, with the latest studies revealing that 1 in 5 4-year-olds is considered clinically obese.

What is one simple way to fight this battle of the childhood bulge?  Good old H20.  In a new Reuters report, various studies regarding overweight kids are explored.  Replacing empty calories and sugars associated with soda and fruit juice drinks with water can cut out nearly 300 calories a day.  Various studies, according to the wire service, prove that kids are much more apt to give up these drinks over snacks or adding exercise into a routine.

Dr. Claire Wang of Columbia University in New York explains, “The evidence is now clear that replacing these 'liquid calories' with calorie-free beverage alternatives both at home and in schools represents a key strategy to eliminate excess calories and prevent childhood obesity,"

Imparting this change in children is something they can stick to – much more so that a continuous exercise program or snack reduction. Another study done out of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam confirms that stat, as researcher Amika Singh tells Reuters: “Reducing intake of sugar-containing beverages should therefore be considered a good behavioral target for future interventions aimed at the prevention of overweight among adolescents.”

Get more information on obese children here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090406/hl_nm/us_children_drinks;_ylt=AuJs9X2xB3uz3ROWJ5yqbmDgcbYF

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