San Diego Named Summer Camp Capital of North America

“America’s Finest City” is the city hosting the most summer camps, according to a analysis of Most Popular Summer Camp Locations

LOS ANGELES (April 11th, 2013) San Diego is the most popular summer camp city in North America, according to an analysis of the 20 most popular summer camp locations by and The websites are two of the leading sites for summer and day camps in the United States and Canada, and the analysis included data from their combined database of more than 4,500 summer camps listings across North America.

San Diego ranked number one as the most popular city for camps. San Diego is a great location for summer camps across all categories, thanks to sunny weather and beautiful beaches.

Ranked number two is New York City.  The city that never sleeps is a great location for campers interested in art and the performing arts.  Known as the birthplace to many famous performers and artists, camps located in New York City offer campers a taste of stardom.

Coming in third is Champaign, Illinois.  The home to the Fighting Illini offers numerous sports camps for active youth. In fact, all of the camps listed on and in Champaign are sports camps.  Surrounded by farmland, the city makes for a great location for sports and outdoor activities.

Canadian camps are historically very popular, and Canada is well-represented on the list by Toronto, Ontario, coming in at number 16.

Taking a state-wide view, California makes the list three times with San Diego, Los Angeles and Stanford, making California one of the most-represented states on the list.  New York also boasts three cities in the top 20: New York City, Brooklyn, Garden City.

California and New York rank number 1 and number 3 for number of youths between the ages of 4 and 12 in the United States, respectively.  In a bit of a surprise, Texas, which houses the second-most number of youths in the United States, is only represented by one city:  Dallas.

The complete list of the top 20 most popular cities for summer and day camps in the United States is as follows.


Top Cities




San Diego, CA


New York, NY


Champaign, IL


Milton, MA


Los Angeles, CA


Fairfield, CT


Atlanta, GA


Stanford, CA


Seattle, WA


Orlando, FL


Lawrenceville, NJ


Garden City, NY


Denver, CO


Chicago, IL


Boston, MA


Toronto, ON, CANADA


Portland, OR


Lakeland, FL


Dallas, TX

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