Study Finds Planned Home Births a Safe Option

By JustMommies staff

A new study out of Canada reveals that planned home birth, when attended by a registered midwife, is a safe option to hospital birthing, according to Reuters.

The study, completed by colleagues from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, evaluated over 2,000 homebirths that occured from 2000 - 2004 in British Columbia. The results were compared with statistics of hospital births.

The findings? Infant death rates did not differ between a planned home birth (where a registered midwife was present) or a hospital birth.

According to the report, the death rate per 1000 births was .35 for a planned home birth, .57 for a planned hospital birth where a midwife was in attendance, and .67 for a hospital birth where a physician was present.

Women who had planned home births also had less occurances of significant tearing around the birth canal, assisted vaginal delivery and bleeding following delivery.

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