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Spanking Can Cause Aggressive Behavior, Poor Cognitive Tests

By JustMommies

Spanking children as one-year-olds can lead to more aggressive behavior when they are toddlers, research out of Duke University reveals. » Read more

Study Finds Planned Home Births a Safe Option

By JustMommies

A new study out of Canada reveals that planned home birth, when attended by a registered midwife, is a safe option to hospital birthing, according to Reuters. » Read more

Back to School: Fun Lunch Box Ideas

By JustMommies

Back to school means getting the shiny new lunch box and packing healthy meals for the kiddies! AOL has come up with some creative ideas that won't have the children swapping lunches with their school pals! » Read more

The Truth About Backpacks

By JustMommies

A backpack alone isn't heavy -- but pile 5 thick schoolbooks into it and it becomes a possible health hazard for kids. HealthDay reported on the potential risks of backpacks, which actually resulted in 7,300 emergency room visits in 2006. » Read more

10 Things You Need to Know about the Swine Flu Virus

By Justmommies

The Associated Press has released ten important points and information everyone should about the swine flu, which has already infected over one million Americans. 1. Do not panic. For most people, the swine flu is similar to a regular flu. » Read more

Report: Swine Flu Hitting Children Hardest

By JustMommies

Several reports today are revealing that the swine flu virus is infecting children the most -- in Chicago among other places. » Read more

Toys R Us' Big Trade In

By JustMommies

It's not cash for clunkers, but it's kind of close! From August 28 through September 20, both Toys R Us and Babies R Us all over the United States will be accepting trade-ins on any potentially unsafe baby items -- including cribs, high chairs, car seats, strollers, play yards and bassinets. » Read more

Back to School? Get These Shoes!

By JustMommies

HealthDay released some important tips for parents purchasing their children new shoes for the upcoming school year! According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, it is important to ... » Read more

What's the Best Painkiller for Kids with Broken Arms?

By JustMommies

Your son breaks his arm and is in pain...should you give him codeine-laced acetaminophen or ibuprofen? According to a team of researchers led by Dr. Amy Drendel (of the Medical College of Wisconsin), ibuprofen is the way to go. » Read more

Stressed? Try a Cup of Tea

By JustMommies

A spot of tea really does take the anxiety away! A new report out of Britain proves that the soothing drink does help calm those nerves during stressful times. » Read more