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Study Proves Penis Size Matters

Remember when we were all told that no matter the penis size, a woman’s vagina can accommodate it,...

Heated Debates

Is it ethical to leave your child's father off the birth certificate?

If so is it always unethical? Do the variables matter? I can see someone wanting to leave thei...

Heated Debates

Penis Size

Are we allowed to debate this? I'm in one of my goofy moods. lol Does size matter? Have you ever se...

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Michael Jackson's Kids to Appear in Reality Show?

By JustMommies

Michael Jackson's three children, Prince, Blanket, and Paris, are said to be included in A&E's upcoming reality show about the Jackson family, sources tell Us Weekly. » Read more

Funding for Autism Research Nearly Doubles

By Justmommies

Yahoo! news released an article written by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, where she reveals an important initiative for President Obama's administration -- autism research. » Read more

Daily Sweets: Turning Kids into Violent Adults?

By JustMommies

A new study out of Britain suggests that kids who consume sweets daily are more likely to become violent when they are adults. » Read more

The Story Behind the 19-Pound Newborn!

By JustMommies

Do believe the headlines! A woman from Indonesia gave birth to a 19.2 pound baby boy on Monday via c-section, Today reports. » Read more

Pregnant Woman Gets Pregnant Again - While Carrying First Baby!

By JustMommies

According to ABC News, Julia Grovenburg was in for the surprise of her life when she went to get an ultrasound and doctors discovered not one but two babies, one about two weeks younger than the other. » Read more

Exercise During Pregnancy Results in Healthy-Sized Newborn

By JustMommies

Exercising during pregnancy for first-time, expectant mothers can impact the size of their newborns, according to Norwegian researchers. A new HealthDay article reveals the statistics, published in the October issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology. » Read more

Spanking Can Cause Aggressive Behavior, Poor Cognitive Tests

By JustMommies

Spanking children as one-year-olds can lead to more aggressive behavior when they are toddlers, research out of Duke University reveals. » Read more

Study Finds Planned Home Births a Safe Option

By JustMommies

A new study out of Canada reveals that planned home birth, when attended by a registered midwife, is a safe option to hospital birthing, according to Reuters. » Read more

Back to School: Fun Lunch Box Ideas

By JustMommies

Back to school means getting the shiny new lunch box and packing healthy meals for the kiddies! AOL has come up with some creative ideas that won't have the children swapping lunches with their school pals! » Read more

The Truth About Backpacks

By JustMommies

A backpack alone isn't heavy -- but pile 5 thick schoolbooks into it and it becomes a possible health hazard for kids. HealthDay reported on the potential risks of backpacks, which actually resulted in 7,300 emergency room visits in 2006. » Read more