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New Report: Kids, TV and Asthma Risks

There is further evidence today that watching too much TV may be harmful for children’s health – specifically their respiratory systems. Healthday is reporting that a new study done in the U.K. shows that inactive children who watch more than two hours of TV a day double their risk of developing asthma. The study followed 3,000 kids from birth to 11.5 years of age. The reason? According to Healthday, researchers from Glasgow have found a link between sedentary children , their breathing patterns and the development of their lungs.
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Brushing Teeth Boosts Sperm Count?

Who knew that teeth brushing could boost sperm count?  According to a report found on, a British dentistry website, men who brush their teeth twice a day may see a boost in their sperm count. » Read more

TV Watching is Not Harmful or Beneficial for Babies

Some parents worry that TV watching may harm their baby’s development.  While other parents think encouraging babies to watch educational TV may make them smarter.   New research shows that neither is true. A report on Reuters says that TV may do no harm or good to babies.  According to a new study reported about in the journal Pediatrics, researchers did not find evidence that the amount of time spent watching television influenced the developmental progress – positively or negatively – of the children in the study. 
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Are Contact Lenses Better for a Childs’ Self Image?

A new study reveals that children who wore contact lenses over glasses had higher levels of self- perception and social acceptance. Children in the study, done by researchers at Ohio State University’s College of Optometry, were between 8 – 11 years old and were evaluated over a period of three years, according to HealthDay. » Read more

The Octuplets’ Mom Makes a Big Move

Nadya Suleman, her mother Angela Suleman and brood of 16 children will be leaving Whittier, CA for Orange County, CA. The octuplets mom has purchased a large house there, nearly twice the size of their previous residence, according to People magazine. Nadya’s mother Angela tells the mag that her daughter is excited about the move, and that the new house, which at 2583-feet, boasts four bedrooms, three bathrooms and has a lot more space.  The house was purchased under Nadya’s father’s name. » Read more

Octo Mom, Angelina Jolie among 50 moms ‘We Love to Hate’

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Contaminants found in Baby Bath Products

Over 28 popular children’s bathing products, including  Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Baby Magic Baby Lotion and Huggies Naturally Refreshing Cucumber & Green Tea Baby Wash were found to contain one or both of the contaminant chemicals formaldehyde and dioxane, both linked to cancer, says a new report from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetic Use. Healthday reported on the new study, revealing that these chemicals aren’t actually listed on ingredient labels. » Read more

Overweight Mom equals Overweight child?

It’s not just bad eating habits in the home that may contribute to an overweight child – it may actually begin while they’re still in the womb. A new Reuters reports reveals that while the home environment has a big impact on children’s weight, how one eats while pregnant also creates an “imprint” in the womb as well. Researchers at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, through their current study on overweight mothers, say the environment the fetus is growing in is a factor for determining future weight issues. » Read more

New Tween Dora Revealed

Dora is growing up!  Last month Nickelodeon and Mattel, the toymaker, announced plans for the new tween Dora who is moving to the city and starting middle school.  When the new plan was revealed last month, the two companies only gave parents a glimpse of what the new Dora would look like— a silhouette – saying they wouldn’t be revealing the new tween Dora’s look until the fall.  However Reuters reports, Nickelodeon and Mattel decided to give the public a sneak peak of the new tweenage Dora on Monday. » Read more

Report: More Women than Ever Having Babies Out of Wedlock

The federal research is out! 2007 was a banner year for babies, with more being born in the U.S. than ever before -- 4, 317, 119 little bundles of joy were delivered. The more newsworthy number, the Associated Press reports, is the 40% percent figure – which goes to babies being born to women out of wedlock. » Read more