Balance Your Roles: Partners vs. Parents

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Avoiding the Switch Battle

What to Do If Your Child of Divorce Doesn’t Want to Go to the Other Parent’s House By DK Simoneau » Read more

I’M OVERWHELMED' 5 Tips On How Parents Can Take Control Of Their Lives

Are you feeling overwhelmed being a parent? Do you want to feel more relaxed and empowered raising your child? Working parents, stay-at-home parents, visiting parents – it doesn’t matter which one you are because these days almost every parent feels overwhelmed by their daily day. Parents every day experience anxiety, stress and despondency because they feel as if they are losing control of their natural balance. The natural balance that once allowed them to walk, talk and chew gum slowly - all at one time! » Read more

Teens and Sleep – Why is your teenager so tired?

In order to function properly during the day, everyone needs a good night’s sleep. For teenagers, that means about nine hours each night – but if you’ve got a growing teen at home, it’s unlikely that he or she is getting close to that amount on a regular basis. » Read more

"Mom, Am I Fat?"

By Abigail H. Natenshon MA, LCSW,

Conversations That Could Save Your Child's Life » Read more

Is Your Daughter A Mean Girl?

By Norka Blackman-Richards,

She is overly concerned with her hair, clothes and what boys think or say about her. She withholds her friendship from other girls based on their hair, clothes or popularity She has an exclusive group of girlfriends and is not open to form friendships with other girls that don’t belong to that circle Most adults think she is adorable but most of her pe » Read more

Do As I Say Not As I Did

By Nancy Da Silva

How To Talk To Your Teens When You Were A Wild Child Yourself » Read more

Bullying Our Kids in Our Homes

Welcome to Cyber-Bullying Last night Tom’s daughter, Sue, came out of her room and said, “I got another one of those instant messages. It says, ‘tomorrow you had better not show up at school or else‘.” She has been getting messages frequently. The result of this is that she no longer likes to turn her computer on. » Read more

Slow Pokes & Lolly Gaggers: 5 Great Time Management Skills to Teach Your Kids

Children today lead very busy lives, and as parents it sometimes seems they’ve got fuller schedules than we do! As soon as your kids are able to understand the concept of time, you can start teaching them time management skills. Show your children how to use their time wisely and productively – and remember to leave room for just having fun! 5 Great Time Management Skills to Teach Your Kids – Set Goals Children need help learning that there’s a process involved in accomplishing goals. » Read more

Six Ways to Protect Your Latchkey Kids

By Steve Cross As a parent, you don’t choose to have your kids at home alone, but sometimes the pressures of two parents working, school schedules, and baby sitting problems conspire to leave your kids home alone. But there are some very easy things you can do today to reduce the risk for your kids. Every parent can do these things. Here are 6 ways to protect your latchkey kids. » Read more