6 Ways to Make Sure You Love Your Baby’s Name

By JustMommies staff

Stella. Robert. Javen. Baby is coming, and what will you name your prince or princess? Naming a baby is one of the most fun parts of bringing a brand new person into the world. But it's also one decision that feels super weighty. What if you pick a name you hate by the time baby is one? What if you name him or her something that turns out to be a burden when puberty hits? And have you thought of all the things that RHYME with that name?

Having a baby is truly one of the most exciting times in life, a stage to be thoroughly enjoyed in all its brevity, and stressing out over the name you will bless your child with should not be a large part of your anticipation. We've compiled a list of six things worth considering as you weigh out Will or Jack, Raven or Molly & every name in between.

  1. Is the name easy to pronounce or spell? Maybe you'd like your child to stand out in his class of preschoolers with a unique name, but consider if the name will be hard for your child or others to pronounce or spell. A lifetime of correcting people may not be worth that name you made up in sixth grade to name your first daughter. Or it might be!

  2. Is the name a celebrity name? Do you care? Will your kiddo get negative or positive attention from the name? Is “Mara Jade” or “Presley” the lens through which you want people to view your child? Celebrity names may seem trendy and cool, but think long term as well for your baby's sake. Those names will always bring certain connotations to mind, and it's important to decide if you want that.

  3. What nicknames come to mind? Here, put your very best junior high filter on and think through what a 7th grade boy will rhyme your son's name with. Sure, as a baby he won't get dubbed anything silly or crass, but the same will not necessarily hold true once puberty hits his peer group. You'll be doing your future teenager a huge service by thinking of his pimply self now in utero and what his buddies (or worse – enemies!) will be calling him.

  4. Do family members share the name? If a family name is important in your name selection, choose one you and your partner both like, one without negative feelings for either of you. And if a family name is important to you but you don't particularly LOVE the name, consider using it as a middle name with a first name you DO love.

  5. What does the name mean? For some parents, a particular meaning is as important as getting the right name. If “Cooper” means “barrel maker”, do you still want that name? If “Mara” means “bitterness”, is that what you'd like your daughter's name to stand for? Meanings can add a layer of depth to your child's name, and Googling each name for those meanings will be both informative and fun.

  6. Does the name go with your last name? You don't necessarily want to a first name ending in “-en” if your last name ends in “-on”. If you have a tricky ethnic last name, a conventional first name may be the ticket. If your last name is short and boring, a flourishy first name may add a little flare. Take a look at your baby's whole name as you nail down first names.

While you are considering the different names on your baby-naming list, again you may want to Google search your potential names or search http://www.babynamegenie.com/baby-name-test-drive.php

And then, when baby comes, you'll pull the trigger on that perfect name, the one you write carefully for the very first time in her baby book. Then you'll watch how your teeny little bundle melts into the perfect name you chose for her, becomes all the name embodies. Soon enough you'll wonder how you ever thought to name her anything else!