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Trying to Conceive


So it's been about 3 years since I've been on provera + Clomid. I'm on day 4 of 5, and I'm just dyin...

Trying to Conceive

newbie asking for advice TTC

Hi! I just found this forum and I thought it was incredible that people with similar situations can ...

Trying to Conceive

Pregnancy before first AF after a miscarriage

Hello, Some of you may remember me, at the beginning of May I fell pregnant with my first baby only ...

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38w appointment update...

BP is still being wonky. Climbing up on the table managed to put it over 150/90 (I can't remember th...

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First ultrasound!

Had my first ultrasound yesterday to determine how far along I was since I couldn't remember for the...

By JustMommies staff

American baby names are more popular than ever. Parents are looking for unique, out-of-the-ordinary names and what better way to guarantee your child's name is unique than to make it up yourself. JustMommies' baby names data base contains a large selection of American names, some are variations of traditional names and others are completely made up. If you are looking for inspiration to help you create a made-up name for your baby or if you like creative baby names, you will love our list of JM's Top 100 Made-Up Baby Names.

1- Jayden

2- Macy

3- Jace (10)

4- Kyba (10)

5- Joeylynn

6- Jennavecia

7- Kennette

8- Maleah

9- Joshalyn

10- Sheriza

11- Tyndell

12- Journey

13- Aerabella

14- Affinity

15- Bryson

16- Aeryn

17- Destiny

18- Jewel

19- Laken

20- Skyler

21- Jorja

22- Neveah

23- Jeffie

24- Adiana

25- Colt

26- Jaxen

27- Lake

28- Cambrie

29- Cydney

30- Lianna

31- Mally

32- Noah

33- Wynter

34- Ashlynn

35- Karsyn

36- Chevelle

37- Aaralyn

38- Emelyn

39- Kadence

40- Chayse

41- Jayce

42- Carnie

43- Celinda

44- Cheney

45- DaLayne

46- Dani

47- Eliot

48- Jerrica

49- Kailei

50- Lexus

51- Rainee

52- Raya

53- Brylee

54- Abyssinia

55- Miley

56- Chanice

57- Avenleigh

58- Aubriana

59- Kenzlie

60- Cage

61- Eyan

62- Laken

63- River

64- Troy

65- Kian

66- Chord

67- Ayden

68- Canyon

69- Legend

70- Brindley

71- Savion

72- Abriel

73- Brylen

74- Casen

75- Zyler

76- Bronx

77- Indy

78- Lev

79- Marvel

80- Nikko

81- Pilot

82- Pistol

83- Roan

84- Sailor

85- Skyler

86- Stirling

87- Taj

88- Taurus

89- Teo

90- Dekoda

91- Braedon

92- Alexavier

93- Jarret

94- Lyn

95- Dayton

96- Jaquan

97- Beckam

98- Nashton

99- Andri

100- Holland

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