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Due Date Club of November 2014

24 week appt and LAST ULTRASOUND!

We had our 24 week check up yesterday (closer to 25 weeks!). Baby girl is 100% healthy, her kidney i...

Due Date Club of September 2014

baby predictions

I wish I would have thought of this before some of our babies would have arrived...but those mama's...

Due Date Club of September 2014

how big does baby feel?

Does anyone have a guesstimate about the size of their baby (currently) and at birth? This baby ha...

Due Date Club of October 2014

Not long now I bet?! You still have HOW many weeks?!

And other annoying things to hear at least 10 times a day. Sheesh, I can't even go into the bank wit...

Due Date Club of September 2014

MOTW Tuesday-ElizabethS

Tuesday--Tell us about your husband/boyfriend/fiance/significant other. How did you meet? What is yo...

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The Most Popular Baby Names of 2008

By JustMommies

There’s a new most popular name for girls in America, according to the Social Security’s latest release of the top baby names of 2008. After a 12-year run, Emily was knocked out of the top spot and replaced with Emma! Jacob remains the favorite name for boys for the tenth year in a row. The top Ten List is Boys 1. Jacob 2. Michael 3. Ethan 4. Joshua 5. Daniel 6. Alexander 7. Anthony 8. William 9. Christopher 10. Matthew Girls 1. Emma 2. Isabella 3. Emily 4. Madison 5. Ava 6. Olivia 7. Sophia 8. Abigail 9. Elizabeth 10. Chloe » Read more

Most Popular UK Baby Names of 2008

By JustMommies

Jack and Olivia are the most popular UK baby names according to an annual survey published on the UK parenting website Jack held on to the number one spot for the 14th year in a row.  While Grace – made popular by stars like Grace Kelly – slipped down a few spots on the list, from number one girl’s name last year to the number 3 spot this year. Here are the top 20 UK girl and boy baby names of 2008, compiled by Boys » Read more

Top 20 Baby Names of 2008

By JustMommies

Even though those trendsetting celebrities dared to be different by naming their children things like Viggo or Bronx, the rest of us stuck to more traditional, biblical and even romantic monikers in 2008   Here are the top 20 girl and boy baby names of the year, compiled by Boys » Read more