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By Inhabitots

Experiencing a fashion slump during the nine months to motherhood? Pregnancy may present all sorts of challenges, but dressing stylishly need not be one of them! Read on to get the lowdown on dressing-up your bump without spending tons of cash on maternity clothes. We've got top tips on continuing to wear your existing wardrobe, buying specific styles that you can still don once baby arrives, and how to make your favorite pair of jeans wearable all the way through your pregnancy!

Wondering how to make it through your pregnancy without ever buying 'maternity' clothes? There are plenty of fashion-forward styles that will flatter your figure and then seamlessly transition to your everyday postpartum wardrobe. See our handy guide to learn about the best ways to flaunt your bump, and how to stretch your current clothing collection to suit your blossoming belly.

Invited to a black tie affair during your third trimester? You can either view the event as an extreme fashion emergency or a chance to show off your radiance. Choose the latter by opting to lease designer clothing via Rent Maternity Wear. The ingenious online rental service enables you to rock high-end labels at an affordable rate.

Or invest in one dress that you can wear 110 different ways during pregnancy and beyond. Designer Hayley Starr's 'Fancy' dress comes in an array of hues and sizes is the ultimate addition to every woman's evolving repertoire.

There's no need to sideline your favorite pair of jeans now that baby's on board. Stretch your waistband, not your wallet, with Denim Therapy's maternity jeans service. The folks at Denim Therapy will insert expanding inseams into your jeans, so they may grow with you, and once baby is born, they'll restore your jeans to their original form.

Once you can no longer button your pre-pregnancy pants, employ a handy bamboo belly band to conceal the gap and keep your trusty trousers in play.

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By RebekahTanaka on 06/16/13 at 10:53 pm

I also recommend the PREGNANCY MIRACLE GUIDE as the ULTIMATE pregnancy/women's health resource!

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