10 Good Reasons to Try Natural Childbirth

It’s better for baby (2/11)

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It’s better for baby (2/11)

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One good reason to try natural childbirth is so that your baby can avoid having unnecessary and potentially dangerous medications pass through her system. By avoiding pain medications your baby will be born more alert and more active than babies that have been drugged up from pain medications.

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By momom on 03/05/15 at 8:37 am

I've had a homebirth, and had to justify my desicion many times. This mom is writing about the stigma in homebirthing, I wonder what you think of that ?  ...

By Budgety on 12/04/11 at 6:06 pm

Agreed! It makes me want to have a baby even that much more!!

By SuperMartianRobotMom6 on 11/30/11 at 12:16 pm

All these pictures are so sweet :)