9 Tips for Easier Labor and Birth - Page 2

Birthing Ball

Sitting on a slightly deflated birthing ball, like the ones used at the gym or in physical therapy, can help ease labor pain. Rocking back and forth on the birthing ball can also help the baby travel further into the pelvis during labor.

Sleep Well

It is important to enter labor in a well-rested state to increase the mother’s stamina. During the last weeks of pregnancy, take naps. It is best to sleep on the left side to enhance circulation for the baby.

The Plan

Every suggested measure is not intended for every woman who is in labor. A safe and well-considered birth plan that includes a combination of tips and tricks to make labor easier can be achieved through consultation with a qualified physician and a labor doula.

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By Trish0102 on 09/13/13 at 10:53 am

it is true that labor is the most painful experience during pregnant..but after giving birth, you might forgot the pain that has been through by the ti  ...

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