Labor and Childbirth

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Due Date Club of September 2014

Jordan is here!

Jordan decided to join us 3 days after her due date, on September 14. ...

Due Date Club of September 2014

Oliver is here

Yay oliver born at 11 27 am 7 lbs 9 oz 20 in pushed for 7 mins...

Due Date Club of November 2014

ray ban sunglasses yagv cztm xdbwo

Sonja was shocked leaf Yifan look, then she taunts the leaf Yifan said. Leaves a good man who had re...

Baby Names

WDYT? Recent Discoveries.

Here's some names I've either heard out and about or seen online. Zeken Joie Remm Bogdana Hodel Sia...

Due Date Club of September 2014

My little turkey is growing

Zola had her 2-week check today and she is growing!!! Her birth weight was 6lbs 5 oz and on her fir...

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7 Pregnancy Apps

There are dozens of different pregnancy apps that you might want to check out to help you through the next nine months. They can make life a lot easier through the pregnancy process, since you can take them with you on the go. Mobile apps are a lot easier to carry with you than the encyclopedia-sized pregnancy books that everyone wants to give you as a gift! » Read more

"Am I in Labor?" 8 Ways to Tell if Labor Has Started

It is the question on the minds of most women who are pregnant. Carrying a child and giving birth are filled with aches and pains unique to each experience, but how do you know if labor has truly begun? When does that “back ache” actually mean “back labor”?

Basil and Oregano Tea to Induce Labor

If you are past your due date, you may have started doing research to find natural ways to induce labor.  In your searching, you may have read a little on two herbs, basil and oregano.  Some people believe that basil and oregano contain properties that stimulate contractions and bring on labor.  E » Read more

Dramatic Increase in Home Births

By JustMommies

According to a new report from the Associated Press, more women are choosing to give birth at home.  The CDC released the results from a new study that found home births have increased by 20 percent between 2004 and 2008 in the U.S.  » Read more

Contractions After Sex

If you are heading into the last week or two of pregnancy, you may be trying anything and everything to get labor started including having sex.  Sex is one of those things that everyone tells you will get labor started but it doesn’t work for everyone.  It may bring on contractions for some, but for others nothing.  If you are trying to get labor started, contractions » Read more

Hot Wings to Induce Labor

Running out of ideas to get labor started?  One thing overdue mommies often try to get labor going is hot and spicy foods like hot wings and what better recipe for a cranky and uncomfortable pregnant lady to try than a man tested hot wing recipe?  We’re pretty sure that the guys who came up w » Read more

Chinese Food to Induce Labor

When you get to your due date you might start asking around for ideas to get labor started.  Everyone may have ideas for you to try – having sex, walking, nipple stimulation, drinking castor oil, and you name it.  » Read more

Labor Cake - Chocolate Cake to Induce Labor?

Well, we’ve heard of it all but chocolate cake to bring on labor?  Sounds yummy so why not?  This labor inducing recipe sprouted life somewhere on the internet.  Moms are always looking for different things to try and this recipe is a lot more appealing than a castor oil and O.J. shake. » Read more

Pregnancy Pizza to Induce Labor

Once upon a time at a pizza restaurant in California, a woman walked into the restaurant and asked for a pizza that would put her into labor.  The manager, not knowing quite what to do, came up with a pizza to serve her.  It had everything under the sun loaded up on it and what do you know?  It actually worked.  Ever since then this restaurant, » Read more

Macaroni & Cheese with A1 Steak Sauce to Induce Labor

We know what you’re thinking. Who would purposely eat macaroni and cheese with A1 sauce? A pregnant woman desperate to get her baby to come out, of course. We know this recipe isn’t the best tasting recipe out there but hey you know what they say “don’t knock it until you tried it”. Right? » Read more