Pelvic Over-Flexibility in Pregnancy? Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - Page 2

A Few Tips

The Cat Stretch:
The yoga cat stretch is done on all fours with the spine and neck aligned. When inhaling, the abdomen is lowered towards the floor with face raised up to the ceiling. When exhaling, the back is rounded toward the ceiling and the head is rolled down and forward to look at the abdomen. Repeat six times.

Kegels are done by tightening the levator ani muscle. The exercise is performed by tightening the muscle in the pelvic area that starts and stops the flow of urine.


In extreme cases, a Cesarean section might be scheduled because the pelvis is too unstable to tolerate a vaginal delivery.
Once the baby is born, relaxin production stops and the ligaments return to their normal state, flexible but tightened. The symptoms usually resolve after the delivery, although some patients do continue to have uncomfortable symptoms. A qualified physician will help the patient develop a long-term treatment plan, if needed.

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