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Due Date Club of September 2014

37 wk appt yesterday

And it was not what I was prepared for. I was positive for gbs and they want me to have a dose of an...

Due Date Club of September 2014

The only way I can explain this pain is..

Like I have been punched in the vajayjay. I feel bruised and swollen down there. It hurts soooooo ba...

Due Date Club of September 2014

Today is my 40th Birthday - eek!

Living every woman's dream, turning 40 and 9 months pregnant :eek: I guess I could let my emotions...

Due Date Club of September 2014


Ok, here is the brief - will post birth story/longer version soon. - in hosp for less than 48 hours...

Due Date Club of October 2014

Transverse baby

Anyone had a baby that's still transverse this late in? Midwife seemed a little bit, (but not overly...

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