Children's Beds That Offer Sweet Sustainable Slumber

By Inhabitots

Theoretically, kids should be spending a great deal of time sleeping -- but every parent knows all too well the elusive nature of slumber. Whether you got a 'good sleeper' or not, your kiddo needs a bed -- and thanks to some smart, fanciful modern designs, the ubiquitous piece of furniture has become an art form in its own right. Case in point, these 6 fantastic treehouse beds that bring magic to bedtime. Is your kiddo cuckoo for bedtime stories? Cuddle up in the 'Bedtime Stories' bed, which was created especially for interactive storytelling. Short on space? Casa Kids Dumbo Double Murphy bed folds up easily to save space and offer a larger play area during daytime. Argington's Brookline bunk bed collection is not only stylish and sustainable, it's affordable -- a tall order in the realm of lofty lounge spots. Oeuf's 'Perch' branches out with the bunk bed concept by allowing for multiple configuration options to suit every space. Monte's Dorma twin bed makes a bold statement in succinct fashion. Nonjetable's adaptable bed includes a spot to sleep, storage and a play area! Looking for a bed that will grow with your child? Kalon Studios eco-friendly Io crib turns into a toddler bed and can be used until kids are around 6 years-old, and the Caravan Divan, also by Kalon Studios would make a great first "big kid" bed that can later be used as a lounge or couch throughout childhood.

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