Castle Themed Toys that Inspire Royal Fun

By Inhabitots

Boys and girls of all ages love to make believe they are princes and princesses, and a castle play set will inspire endless, open-ended imaginative play. Taking it up a notch from a traditional dollhouse these 13 enchanting and eco-friendly castle sets will delight kids. Little ones can construct a castle of their own design with Plan Toys' fairy tale blocks . If a sand castle is more your tyke's abode of choice, you've got to behold this moldable, mess-free sand that let's you bring the beach anywhere . These reclaimed mini natural wood castle blocks make building a palace easy and fun. Kings and queens in training will love holding court at thisregal fortress bureau desk. This round-up of eco-friendly Legend of Zelda gear for kids includes everything from fairy bottles to swords and shields, to enhance the experience of pretending to reign in far off lands.

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