McDonald's Makes Nutrition Fun

By JustMommies

McDonald's helps teach kids about nutrition in a fun way with three videos that kids can watch on the McDonald's Happy Meal website.  McDonald's offers kids healthy menu choices like Happy Meals with apple dippers and milk or juice.  Now kids can be entertained on the Happy Meal website while they are encouraged to make healthy food choices.

 “Apples, bananas, broccoli, strawberries, lettuce, cucumbers, avocado, cheeries” chant three animated characters in this fun and entertaining video for kids. "Crave My Fave" is a cute and catchy song about kids eating what they crave, their favorite healthy foods.


Carly Patterson sings "Fruit is Fun to Eat," a cute video about two kids, one who is a little afraid to eat fruits and the other who loves them.  Throughout the song the fruit loving kid persuades the other boy that fruits are fun with lyrics like “Who cares that fruit is good for me?  I just need taste would you agree?”


"I’m a Yummivore" is an entertaining video sung by rapper Brandon Mychal Smith.  A cartoon rap star sings, “I eat what tastes good.  I’m a yummivore. I love the taste of apples right down to the core.”


McDonalds offers kids healthy menu choices like Happy Meals with apple dippers and milk or juice. 

Watch the videos on McDonald's YouTube channel or at’s Stage M  where kids can play games, listen to music, or star in a video.

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By RyansMomAZ on 01/26/11 at 11:17 am

I guess it's good they are trying to encourage kids to eat more healthy food, but it sounds more like a PR thing. Even with apple dippers (with a carame  ...

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