breast pumping

Beginner's Guide to Exclusive Pumping

There are different reasons why women choose to feed their baby exclusively with pumped breast milk.  Some pump because of personal preferences.  Others choose exclusive pumping because their baby has had issues with breastfeeding such as not latching, tongue tie, cleft palate, or other problems.&nb
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Breast Milk Storage Guidelines

If you are planning to pump breast milk you will want to know how long it can be stored at room temperature, in the refrigerator, or in the freezer. Breast milk can be stored in special freezer bags designed for breast milk or any hard plastic or glass container. If you have extra baby food jars these are the perfect size to store breast milk in.
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10 Tips for Pumping More Breast Milk

When you're pumping milk for your baby every ounce counts. Some women have no problem keeping up with their baby's milk demands, but others fall shy of what their baby needs every day. Here are some tips to pump more milk each time you pump and bring home more milk to your baby.