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Caterpillar Cupcakes

By JustMommies staff

To make your caterpillar cupcakes you will need: 7 cupcakes white frosting green food coloring brown food coloring butter knife tray or foil covered cardboard sandwich bag red or black peel apart licorice How to make caterpillar cupcakes Step 1-Take about a tablespoon size of frosting add brown food
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Hanukkah Recipes

By JustMommies staff

The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah commemorates the victory of the Jews over religious oppression during the 2nd century BCE. Following their triumph, the Jewish Temple was liberated, but oil was needed for the sacred light which is meant to burn day and night inside the Temple. There was only enough oil
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Healthy Treats for the Whole Family: Furry and Non-Furry

By JustMommies staff

By Kymythy R. Schultze If you have children, then you know they’re a magnet for hovering hounds and mooching mousers. Living in a busy home that includes kids, pets, and adults, the line between who eats what can sometimes become blurry! Picking up dog or cat treats at the store can
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How to Make Chocolate Easter Eggs

By JustMommies staff

To make our chocolate Easter eggs you will need: Plastic Easter eggs White chocolate Food coloring   Instructions for making chocolate Easter eggs: Melt white chocolate in the microwave. Melt a little chocolate at a time. Pour a layer of white chocolate (not colored) into the bottom half of your plastic
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Ladybug Cake Valentine Style

By JustMommies staff

This ladybug cake is a sweet way to celebrate Valentine's day, but you can alter this cake to make the perfect ladybug cake for birthdays or other celebrations. To make this Valentine’s ladybug cake you need two boxes of cake mix, a round baking pan, a heart shape cupcake mold, licorice, pink frosting,
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Mississippi Mud Pie Recipe

By Ken Miller

This may come as a disappointment to some of you, but according to Wikipedia, Mississippi Mud Pie was not created in Mississippi. It's actually from California. The name came from the fact that the brown crust or cake resembles the brown banks of the Mississippi River. Where ever it came from it is sinfully
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Pineapple N Apple Upside-Down Coffee Cake

By JustMommies staff

By Cristie Will Ingredients: ¾-cup Chopped and peeled Granny Smith Apples ¾-cup Chopped and peeled fresh pineapple or canned drained 12.4 ounces Refrigerated cinnamon rolls with icing ½-cup Pecan or walnut halves 2-tablespoons Melted butter 1/3 -cup Brown sugar, packed 2-tablespoons Corn syrup Instructions:
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Rose Petal Valentine Cupcakes

By JustMommies staff

Looking for a girly Valentine cupcake idea? Try these pretty but edible rose petal Valentine cupcakes! To make these Valentine cupcakes you need a box of strawberry cake mix, pink frosting, red decorative gel frosting, fruit roll ups, and a heart shaped cupcake pan. You could make the cupcakes in a
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Snowman Cupcakes

By JustMommies staff

Ingredients Marshmallows Hershey's Kisses Chocolate sprinkles Orange colored star sprinkles Frosting Box Cake Mix or subsitute with your own favorite cake recipe Toothpicks Instructions Step 1: Bake your box cake according to recipe instructions. Bake cupcakes and allow to cool. Frost as desired. Step
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Thanksgiving Day Recipes: Create a Fantastic Feast to Remember

By JustMommies staff

Turkey, green been casserole and canned cranberries … is your traditional Thanksgiving Dinner becoming a bit redundant? Here are some fresh Thanksgiving Day recipes that will have your guests begging for seconds! Pumpkin Soup: This Thanksgiving Day recipe is a mouthwatering idea and a surefire way
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