Lost Tampon: Symptoms of a lost tampon and how to remove

What?  A lost tampon.  Hey, it happens.  And, it is one of those topics that a woman might be embarrassed to call her doctor about, even if she knows she might need help.  You would think if a tampon was lost you would automatically know about it, but this isn’t always the case.  Occasionally a woman will insert a tampon and either forget it is there or inse » Read more


Endometriosis occurs when there is endometrial tissue outside of the endometrial cavity. The endometrium lines a woman's uterus. Although this tissue can be found anywhere, it is commonly found in the pelvic area. » Read more

Menstrual Related Shopping Sprees

Have you ever blamed anything on your period – like bad moods, headaches, weight gain – now there is one more thing you can blame on your period, shopping sprees!  One study, reported about on BBC News, found a link between menstruation and shopping. Apparently, women are more likely to impulse shop in the days leading up to their periods.  Shopping seems to be a comfort mechanism for dealing with the hormone related negative emotions that happen just before a woman’s period arrives.  To make herself feel better, she goes shopping. » Read more

Dealing with Common Tween Issues

By Maria T. Pepin

A tween is a person between the ages of 9 to 14. Parents are all too familiar with this developmental stage because it can be tricky ~ especially with new issues presenting themselves consistently. Some of the more common tween issues include: smoking, abuse of phone privileges, body image, menstruation and negative peer influences. » Read more