postpartum depression

Signs of Postpartum Depression

Irritability, tearfulness, and mood swings are very common after giving birth. Up to 80% of women experience some form of the “baby blues” postpartum. While the baby blues are common they should resolve within a week or two. Prolonged depression is not so common and may be a sign that you are suffering from postpartum depression.

Postpartum Depression

By Elizabeth Pantley, Author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution

QUESTION: I know that it’s normal to have the “baby blues” right after you have a baby, but my son is six weeks old. I thought everything would be wonderful by now and I would be so in love with my baby. I thought mothering would come easily. It’s not that way at all!
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General Hospital’s Postpartum PSA

Soap opera staple “General Hospital” is joining forces with Postpartum Support International to produce a public service announcement on Postpartum Depression. The PSA will air directly after GH on ABC April 16, it was announced April 7. The popular daytime show currently features an ongoing storyline with one of the central characters, Dr. Robin Scorpio, dealing with postpartum depression following the birth of her daughter.
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