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Avoid The Packed Lunch Slump With These Creative Ideas & Tips For School Lunches

By Inhabitots

It's only October, but perhaps the excitement of school lunch packing and eating has already waned among your crew. We're here to help with inspiring ideas that are both palate-pleasing and easy to make. » Read more

School Lunch Ideas That Kids Will Actually Eat

By Alicia Purdy

As a parent, you don't really plan for having a picky eater—it just sort of happens. One day, you have a sweet baby who is putting everything in her mouth and then, nothing at all. You pack nutritious, well-balanced lunches only for them come home untouched, traded for junk foods or, worse, tossed into trash. Who will win the battle of the wills? [Spoiler alert]: It'll be you. Is Sponsored Content:  Not sponsored content » Read more