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Soy Milk: A Great Solution for Lactose Intolerant Kids

By 8th Continent

Children with lactose intolerance are not able to digest lactose, a type of sugar found in cow’s milk. The small intestines produce a digestive enzyme known as lactase. Lactase breaks down lactose into smaller sugars known as glucose and galactose which your body can then absorb and turn into energy.
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Sneaky Ways to Sneak Vegetables Into Your Child's Diet

By JustMommies staff

You’ve tried all the usual tricks to get your little one to eat vegetables. But after months of offering dips with vegetable sticks, arranging vegetables in the shape of smiley faces, and every other trick in the book, your little one still rejects vegetables out-of-hand. Of course you want to continue
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At the Table!

By Annabel Karmel

Sometime around 18 months old, your child will begin to develop the skills, confidence, and understanding necessary to establish independent eating habits and, of course, table manners. It can be a slow process, but with reassurance and guidance, your child will soon be a polite and self-sufficient
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Annabel Karmel: Snacks and Treats

By Annabel Karmel

Snacks and treats don’t have to be unhealthy to be tempting and delicious, and with the right ingredients, they can form a nutritious and integral part of your child’s well-balanced diet. Used judiciously, too, they add important variety to your child’s diet, and encourage little ones to experiment
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Fun with Finger Foods

By Annabel Karmel

Finger foods are a wonderful way to introduce your baby to various tastes and textures, and will help to encourage independent eating. Your baby will enjoy the process of feeding himself as well as the variety of foods that you offer. How can you tell if your baby is ready for finger foods? There are
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Making Snacktime Healthy

By JustMommies staff

Snacktime can be fraught with unhealthy pitfalls, even for those families who strive to serve healthy meals for their kids every day. At snacktime, you often need to make something quickly, and the easiest thing to do is to reach into a bag or a box for some pretzels or chips. But snacks don’t have
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How to Outsmart Your Picky Eater

By Missy Chase Lapine

One day, my youngest daughter had strep throat, and in the time-honored tradition of mothers everywhere, I hid her foul-tasting medicine in some chocolate pudding. As I watched her swallow it without protest, I couldn’t help thinking about all the wars I had fought to get my kids to eat a fabulous
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Picky Eaters: Your Child’s Diet

By Nancy Da Silva

Walk into any supermarket and you’ll see the panicked faces of parents as they try to quickly bypass the cereal aisle. Children however, seem to have sugar radar, and get ready for the tantrum of your life if you dare to pass the cereal aisle without picking up their favourite brand…or even worse,
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