'Bear' Necessities: Teddy Bears and Unique Bear Toys & Gear for Kids

By Inhabitots

Smarter than the average bear, the colorful Kumanokoido teddy bears shown above really do provide the bare necessities for people living in Mali in a community called Dogon. Proceeds from the sale of these bears help provide access to clean drinking water in the African village.Mrs. Jermyn's "Tedi" Bears are cleverly crafted from upcycled shirts, giving them a unique, one-of-a-kind vibe. If your kiddo fancies polar bears, these cute polar bear teddies from Zid Zid Kids are made using bright, bold recycled fabrics. Speaking of polar bears, theNEL global warming rug is tragically beautiful in its message: a lone polar bear floating on a small ice patch in a sea of blue. A strange but true phenomenon also stemming from global warming is the dawn of thePizzly Bear: half polar bear, half grizzly bear. See designer Masahiro Minami's Pizzly Bears on melting ice, as these rockers would make quite the conversation piece in any playroom. Little ones who have a ton of energy to spare will love these Eco-Bonk inflatable bop bags! Get your child the big brown bear version that he can both hug and bop til his heart's content. Apple Park's cuddly organic backpacks double as cozy pillows for nap time. Kids can tote their stuff in the bear backpack and then snuggle up with it to catch some shut-eye!

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